ProMetal Fabrication


Experience and Quality

About Us

ProMetal Fabrication offers.......

  • Over 40 years of experience in custom metal fabrication
  • Quality Products
  • Maintaining an excellent reputation in the industry among other metal fabrication companies
  • Going the "extra step" to build rapport with customers
  • Creativity and competitive pricing
  • Ability to outsource products to any state

Specifications and Details

ProMetal Fabrication understands the need to build products and components that meet specifications and standards set forth by Owners and Engineers for quality projects.


ProMetal Fabrication understands the need for being creative to offer ideas for products that can meet unusual situations and to offer alternative products to help keep prices down.



To name a few........

  • Handrail, Rails & Guardrails
  • Fabricated Metal Pipe & Pipe Supports
  • Joint Ties/Couplers
  • Bollards
  • Cover Plates
  • Support Beams
  • Platforms, Stairs, Ladders & Walkways
  • Manual Bar Screens
  • Ornamental Fabrications

For more product information and pricing contact Dave Stafford at

ProMetal Fabrication, LLC

Contact Information

Dave Stafford

413 SE Peterson, Bldg 379

Topeka, KS  66619

Phone:  785-408-8997

Fax:  785-234-8802

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